COMPUTER GAME Studies _ Term Two _ Task One: Moodboard

MADE IN TEH 70S.jpgTask 1: Research, create and design a mood board which embodies a
chosen decade within gaming and society.

My chosen decade is the 70’s as I am a 1975 born kid so i thought i’d be romantic. Also, the 70’s represent a massive step in the gaming industry and historically of course they are the years of the rebuild after war, the idea that there can be entertainment and the acceptance of entertainment in life of people again is a massive anthropological and sociological change consequence directly of the two wars our parents and grandparents had to fight. As a woman more then so, the 70’s represent also a massive emancipation for women in that there is a strong feminist movement that brings women slightly up on the patriarchal ladder and incredibly so, in the computer gaming industry, women are a massive start and finance of that for the fact that with the first games like pong, women were actually better then men at playing!

This is mainly why my 70’s board is about colours, women’s presence, mass market accessibility of technology and input devices as these feel to me like the main elements of the 70’s social-gaming life:

  1. the evolution from war to rebuild and the hope that comes with it; the idea to be able to entertain yourself with war games
  2. the evolution from computer for military purposes to computer for entertainment purposes
  3. the evolution of technology from individual focused to family/group focus
  4. the evolution from game made from men to men to game made from men (yeah that didn’t change yet) to men AND women






Task 3:

• Propose and sketch out 2 ideas for a game for which
you will develop an interface
• Gather feedback and justify which one of the 2 designs
you will develop further
• Design and build a visual approach of a computer
game based on the tutorials practiced in class (this
should be presented in a storyboard format)



idea 1 galaxyDiscover

idea2 galaxyExpress




the WINNING idea:

the galaXeXpress










Author: MoBbIt_fOS

Independent Experimental Artist. live art- sound- physical and digital 3d installation, sculpture, performance and puppetry- game engines

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